Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I took a recent trip to NYC to visit Tony Farmer and Susie. The Wife has never been so we touristed out every other day and then I got to skate on the off days. We crammed as much as we could do in 5 days... top of the empire state building, boat ride to the Statue of Liberty, 3 hour circle tour around Manhattan island, Coney island roller coaster sensation the "cyclone", surfing at Rockaway beach made famous in the Ramones song, Broadway show and plus I got to skate the wicked pier 62 California skatepark's made skate park. Then to top it off I got to ride 3 backyarders in New York. who would of thought? Farmer set up a subway route for my wife Julie to see the Met museum and scope out artwork all day while we drove to secret locations along the Eastern Seaboard. The pools were hella sick but it was hot as a witches tit in Hell that day... 93 degrees with 100 percent humidity. Sweating bullets all day long but well worth it. I got to hang with Travis, Dave and Conner who all ripped in their own right. Skated all day long and played pool school at some old swim club where I fell 1st, followed closely by Conner the swamp trogg. Travis hit the water frontside but seemed to come away dry and unscathed but I did manage to redeem myself with a frontside pool school to backside box... Thanks to all the guys for the fun times, the drinks at the bar, the pizza slices and Puppethead for making us dinner NYC style!!! Thanks Farmer and Susie for putting up with us... The Salba's

Tony Farmer no shoes over some brews:
Salba and Farmer late night mission NYC:
Salba box:
Salba getting some:
97 degrees humidity:
Check out more photo's HERE.

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