Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So this weekend I got a bit crazed and broke my clavicle and shattered a bit of my soul.. Lee mentioned it here.. thanks homie!

Guess what didn't get ruined though. My phone. My uncommon case made it through without a scratch. A good rule of thumb is to never be a dumbass but if you're going to why don't you at least hook yourself up with a case that will protect your phone whilst you act like a kook..
amped and want to learn more? Here's the spiel...

"NHS is stoked to announce the partnership with Uncommon iPhone 3G/3GS & iPod Touch cases featuring customized graphics from Independent Truck Company, Creature Skateboards, Santa Cruz Skateboards, OJ Wheels and NorCal.

Uncommon uses a patented permanent printing process to embed artwork into the case-no peeling, fading or chipping. The two-part slider design allows for easy insertion and docking. These shatterproof polycarbonate cases keep your iPhone or iPod Touch safe and looking tight!

Check out www.getuncommon.com/collections to view case designs from Independent Trucks, NorCal, Creature Skateboards, OJ Wheels and Santa Cruz."

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